Black Wall Street

Black Wall Street. Few people had heard about what happened in Greenwood Oklahoma. A city with 11 thousand black American. Greenwood is the center of black economy in Oklahoma. In 1921 black people owns 108 business. The city had 2 movie tethers and two black schools. And there were 15 doctors’ offices. On May 31, 1921, something terrible happened to this community that was recognized as Black Wall street because of their economy boom. One of the facts of this economic ground was oil that was discovered on the state. Also, segregation was a big fact because black people couldn’t buy anything in white business since African Americans were not allowed to enter. African American entrepreneur found a market and they build greenwood to become one of the most successful African American towns.

On this night the worst racial riot in America history took place.  The whole black city was burn to the ground in less than 24 hours. The sparkle that start this massive attack in the black community was Dick Rolland, who got in an elevator to got to 4 floors so he could use the bathroom but person who operated was a young girl. When the elevators open, she was screaming and accuse him of trying to rape her. He later was arrested where other black people feared that he will be killed so a group of African American drive down to the court where they found hundreds of white men armed outside the court. In few minutes a fight broke down were this group of African American were attack and cross fire start. Around 2000 white man went down to green wood black district and they burn 52 square blocks to the ground where around 300 people died. And more than 9 thousand African American become homeless.  Around 1,200 hundred houses were burned living a devastation to this part of the town. This affect black community to the point that they never were able to recover. 

Let’s learn from this unfortunate event in America history. Life is too short to hate other because they look different or have different believe. Under God eyes we are all the same. 

I leave this YouTube link of a full documentary about Black Wall Street


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