The was a company that started as parking ticket. Kaleil and Thomas start with a vision of start a company and for several months. They were throwing ideas to each other until one-day Kaleil told Thomas what about parking Tickets. Thomas like the idea and start the company with 6 employees. I learned that looking for investment is hard because investors will try to take advantages of your situation since raising money is crucial to startup success and growth. But sometimes people will try to leave the company and you will have to deal with hard situations. For example, Keith put 19,000 thousand dollars of his own packet and put a lot of extra hours for the last 5 months working in the company. He wanted 800 thousand for his work and the money he put in the company. It makes me realize that people are more about money and startup companies will have to deal with hard situations when you try to survive and keep the company alive.
They went to Despierta America. It is Spanish television program.  It was nice to see how they were speaking Spanish and doing a chanting. “Si Ganando Trabrajando duro.” This mean, yes winning working hard. Something funny Kaleil is dating Dora and she told him either a puppy or give me child. I thought I was fun and interesting Kaleil telling that to his mom. Sometimes, it is hard to have a relationship building a company at the same time.
               I was surprise how immoral people can be and they will sabotage you stealing information. GovWorks company had a break up and they steal Kaleil computer and other people files that contained important information. The business world is harder than I thought because competition will do any dirty work to take you out of the market.
It is hard when disagreement starts between Thomas and Kaleil start how to run the company.  The two different points of view collided. And Thomas was asked to take a 3 months’ pay vacation.  But He did not want to leave the company so they decide to give him a termination letter. Unfortunately, the company went out of business.


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