How to Protect And Prevent Company Property Thief

How to protect and prevent property thief. Competition is great because keep you motivate to improve everyday a product or service that you serving to clients. Unfortunately, there are many people out there that are not going to think twice to stole information or idea. It is important to protect your ideas or inventions, so no one takes credit of something that they did not invented.  

 To protect companies’ secrets and inventions are important to secure a future on the market and become a successful company. There are so way how to protect the future of new companies such patents, copy rights, trade secrets, intellectual property. 

How I will protect my company is by using confidentiality agreements to those people who works in the company so even if they leave the company they can’t use any of the knowledge to compete against my company. Specially, if I am partnering with a third-party company for help to speed a process or delivery a product on time. And I have to share value information that competitors will pay money to obtain value information to produce a product or service that will be able to compete with my company product or service. 

Since my company is a social media platform that is going to revolutionize the market and how people interact with each other online. I will patent each one of my inventions, so no one can market and make profit without my authorization. Since, my goal is creating a interact social media platform that help people around the globe to meet with real people in their home town and make friends with the same areas of interest and hobbies. With a graphic platform that will allow user to have ultimate experience of social media. 

Also, any company that partner with my company need to sign trade agreement so any exclusive information that is share with them or vise verse. It is treated as highly secrete that no one on the company can share information that can affect the company. Any one will be hold accountable of their actions. Even if the person who leak the information is no longer part of the organization. They will be legally persecuted and bring to court where they will face chargers. 

Overall, every employee will be asking to sing confidentially agreements that will contain numerous of documents that will explain what the consequences for those people that break confidentially agreements or share with competitors. 


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