Guest Speaker Matthew Tolentino

I really enjoy Mathew Tolentino presentation. It was very interesting learning that he is a former student at University of Washington Tacoma. And a part-time professor and researcher. I learned a lot from his life experience before becoming an entrepreneur. Mathew has worked for the government in Washington D.C  for couple years  then  he worked for Intel for 15 years.  Mathew decide to leave intel and become a professor and researcher at UWT. 

Mathew business ideas has a bright future. He just found a company called FireFly is a safety company that is partnering with City of Tacoma and Fire department to ensure firefighters lives are safe while they are doing their job. Mathew had developed a security system that allow firefighters to exit a building on fire without any problem. Also, monitoring what type of chemicals firefighters are exposes during the fire. The most important is that the device can be carry as RFID tag. And this tag allows the person that is in charge of the fire department personal security an specify location where everyone is inside of the building since visibility is almost nothing because of the smoke. 

He is building a 2D user interface using Unity game engine to show in a map where everyone is located and the closest exit so if someone need to leave the building can do it in the most efficient way. And the person who is in charge of security can give specific instruction where is the safest way to leave the building. Also, he is using drones to have a whole view of the entire building and also these drones can check air particles and chemicals that everyone in the building is being exposed. 

Also, I learn how he is being patenting his devices through University of Washington Commons organization. He is licensing using an exclusive license that allows his company to be the only one to use all the technology that he had work for the past 3 years. Mathew mention that his market is about 50 billion dollars. I believe his company had so much potential to become of the largest companies in security in US.


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