How to become an successful Entrepreneur

The Technology Entrepreneur’s  Guide Book Reading 

            I like this part of the reading that says “Entrepreneurship is a way of life. It is a driving force that compels you to do more, move faster, and go farther than anyone else, even in the face of high risk and uncertain outcomes.” Most of the most innovating companies in the world had create a business from something that did not exist. They said the potential on technology living example is Jeff Bezos, he found his company after reading a research paper talked how the use of internet was growing up 400 percent per year. 
I learned that 1 of 6,000 starts ups make to become a successful company that odd to succeed in a competitive world that we leave is very low. But it is not impossible to create a successful company. 
A good business plan is important for success of a new company. I learned that inverters will only ready those sections in the business plans that interested them. It makes sense because if you will give money to a new company that is a risk that they money will be lost if the company does not have a good business plan. How much money the company will make yearly or quarterly. How much money will cost to run the company. Executive summaries are important in a business plan because those inverters will look carefully the section and based in what they read they will decide to support the new business or withdraw. 
Something to always keep in mind is that if your idea has a market, it is probably that someone else have thought about it and it is creating a product or service similar to what you are offering to the public and the million-dollar question is how make the new company unique and different from competitors? 

There are many factors that influence in a company success but having an elaborated business plan and be able to stick to it. It is the key of success because be able to execute every detail describe in the business plans give investors the trust to support economical the just founded company.  Most of the successful companies had start in garages because market is limited and resources as well. Questions that every one that want to be come an entrepreneur should ask to himself or herself. I am willing to endure hardships or long hours at work. Limited amount of money to run the company? Little profit or nothing at all. But those people take at are willing to take the risk will success in life. Takes those opportunities and be able to adjust to constant changes in the world. 


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