3 Future Projects

Technology is advancing in ways that we couldn't imagine 20 years ago. The new tech is rapidly changing things around the world. I am excited to be part of a generation of innovators that are challenging themselves to change the world. 

The first business idea what I would like to implement is a coffee company. I love coffee, and I am proud of my heritage and my roots, I want to build a company that reflects my roots. Coffee is should be prepared with high quality and smoothly taste.  The idea is to prepare coffee Guatemalan style. 

The second business idea is to start a consulting company based in US with offices in Guatemala City. I believe there is so much talent. I grew up in Guatemala with dreams of become part of a world of innovation but also I want to gives those young people an opportunity to grow up and make amazing things. Also, I would like to work in AI, NLP, and Machine learning to create products that will revolutionary the Tech industry around the globe.

The third business idea is to create a mobile app application that helps people to meet with new people. There are many social media platforms but one thing that they are lacking is to create real friendships that will last a lifetime. I want an application where people can become more social. The whole idea is to create an interactive application that match people that have the same areas of interest and have a place where they can safely meet in person. 


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