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Wall Street 1987 movie

The wall street movie history line starts in 1985. Bud fox is a broker, but he is struggling keeping with his bills. And one of his client’s loss 7 thousand dollars, and Bud had to cover the losses. He is forced to ask friends and family for money. One day, Bud got a deal with Mr. Gekko to get blue origin airline stocks. Bud is a talent broker and Mr. Gekko ask him to follow Larry Wildman and fill the gaps. They find out that Mr. Wildman was buying an anaconda steel company.  And Mr. Gekko got a lot of the stocks and he made Mr. Larry to buy back the stocks at higher price than he paid for it.
Bud learned how to become a player as a broker, and he got promote at work. But older man got fire because he could not keep his quarter. And his office was giving to Bud. Mr. Gekko said “Greed is good, Greed is right, geed works, Greed clarify, cut through and capture the essences of evolution sprit. Greed in all his forms, greed for life, greed for money, for love, knowledge. And greed will saf…

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